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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement

One can learn a lot about a person from the type of friends that the person has.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.





该题不是ABOUT了解朋友的兴趣爱好;也不是 ABOUT 朋友拥有的品质特征!

而是ABOUT了解一个人的方式方法,关键词不是 friends 而是 learn a person!








比如可以写 “物以类聚,人以群分” 之类。当然考生不一定知道英文表达

Things are sorted by categories and peopleare classified by groups.(考生翻译)

Birds of a feather flock together.(百度翻译)

Those who resemble assemble.(功哥翻译)




比如可以写 “出淤泥而不染” “独善其身” 之类。当然考生也不一定知道其表达

It is still clean though it comes from the dirtiness.(考生翻译)

Come out of the mud unsoiled. (百度翻译)

I am my own person--I bow to no one, I dominate no one.(功哥翻译)




1. 物以类聚,人以群分。自己是什么样的人,周围就有什么样的朋友。

2. 人受环境影响。周边有什么样的朋友,即便不是那样的人,也慢慢变成那样的人。

3. 在没有其他深入了解的渠道前,观察周围朋友是最经济划算的评价方法。


1. 出淤泥而不染,人可独善。周围是什么样的朋友,不能准确判断一个人。

2. 人有两面性,大环境所迫而选择交友,不代表内心就是那样从众。

3. 对人的了解和评价是一件大事,要谨慎仔细,不能简单一刀切。


1. Learn一个人不是重点,关键是这个人有没有Learn的价值,没价值的人浪费时间干什么?

2. Learn一个人的目的比方法重要,如果目的是商业合作,而不是个人品行,更应该了解资源互补性而非朋友类型或个人品质。

3. Learn一个人要注意从大局出发,多维度考察,要形成历史唯物主义观点。人的善与恶有时候是辩证统一的,不能完全分开。

4. Learn一个人要具体情况具体分析,仅凭朋友类型判断只知其一二,未必能知人知面又知心。


Friends, no doubt, constitute as an important part of our life. They are the ones with whom we laugh, with whom we cry, with whom we grow. To some extent, they are a mirror, reflecting our virtues as well as drawbacks. Thus, I totally agree that one learn a lot about a person from the friends that the person has.

First, the reason that we can peak into one's character via the means of observing his/her friends is because, more often than not, making friends is a conscious decision. Thus, by constituting friendship with a certain group of people, we can quite safely draw the conclusion that the person who initiate the friendship is drawn by the group's characteristics. For instance, though a bio-chemistry major, I would like to consider myself as an artistic person. When in school, I constantly reached out to people who participated in musical activities, did fine art, or composed theatrical plays. Sometimes, I engage in similar endeavors, sometimes I played the mere role of an observer and admirer. But no doubt, throughout the course of four years in college as well as many years after I started my professional career as a bio-chemistry researcher, I accumulated a wide range of friends who were either musician or artists. And they certainly reflected my personality, interests and sense of value, as accurately as, if not more so, than the bio-chemistry texts books and course lists that I possess. Those who consider me as a meticulous scientist, they are not wrong. But if they think that is all I am, then they certainly miss out a major part of my personal life. And this missing part could have been easily perceived via the friends I have.

The second reason why friends reveal who we are is because as we spend time constructing our social network, we ourselves are not remaining stagnate. Instead, we are pulled into our social network, growing more and more alike with our friends. Thus, from another perspective, our friends, becoming increasingly similar to us, obviously reflect what we are like. After the birth of my first child, I sank into severe postpartum depression. Struggling between breastfeeding and my ten hour research job, situation was made even worse by my weight gain of 60 pounds. I could feel that my life is quietly and yet inevitably spiraling out of control. This was when I realized I could not and should not continue like this anymore. Fortunately, I encountered, by accident really, a support group three blocks from where I live. The group was composed of 15 mothers who are or were in some degrees of postpartum depression, but are actively fighting against this disaster. They became my best friends—a fresh breath out of water. Together, I participated in various group activities including mounting climbing, yoga retreats as well as play dates. Both my husband and I begin to feel the change occurring. I grew into my friends—these brave mothers who are actively fighting against depression, instead of letting it dictate my life. Thus, I believe friends partially represents who we are, since we go through a process of leaning onto each other, and growing into one another.

Of course, some may say personal consciousness and personal choice still is a key element of life—after all, we are independent human beings who bow to no one, and dictates no one. To this, I would have to agree, since friends only affect us, instead of dominate us. This being said, since making friends is a conscious decision, and we do become more similar to our friends as time goes by, one can learn a lot about a person from the type of friends that the person has.(计时创作,共计627词)



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